Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking Forward

How's everybody doing? Ready for 2011? Can't believe a new decade is about to unfold. How exciting is that? Well, I am most definitely ready for all the things to come -- good & bad -- because I come equipped with my new Canon Selphy CP800. It's hubby's Christmas gift.

Isn't he something?! Well, even without the Selphy he is just amazing, I tell ya.

Now, along with my handy dandy and very user friendly Canon IXY Digital 820 IS, I will be able to document my 2011 more efficiently.

You see, ever since we entered the digital world I've developed this bad habit of taking lots (tons is more like it since I had to get an external memory to store them in) of pictures, uploading them in my laptop, maybe sharing some to family and friends via Facebook, but never have any of them printed. Of course I always mean to, but I suppose procastination in this matter is also another bad habit of mine...hahaha.

So, expect more scrapbooking shares from me this coming year which by the way is how I got into card making in the first place. I do hope I can inspire you to sort and organize your photos and chronicle your life's journey as well.

Happy New Year everyone! Be happy because life is good!!!

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  1. Happy New Year, Jay! So nice to see you again in pictures. Say Hi to Ton for me. Great gift you have there too! That'll help tremendously in your catalogues. See you around!