Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Whale Of A Card

Hi there! As mentioned previously, I've been really inspired in making cards for the kiddos. Therefore, I decided to work with the whale image of my SU! Animal Stories stamp set.

I then mounted the cut image with foam tape atop a brown die cut cardstock.

Here's the assembly line for my cards.

I've even added a bit of sewing for additional detail.

Any kid getting this card on his birthday will surely have a whale of a time most especially if it's attached to a very nice gift.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

{Happy} Father's Day

Hey everyone!

Before I start babbling about my project today, I would like to give a big HAPPY FATHER'S DAY shout out to my loving dad, Luis, and also to the father of my three wonderful children, Tonyboy. Thank you for your love, patience, understanding and time. Your dedication to your respective children is immense. I salute and love you both very much!

I am sure you've noticed that I don't make a lot of masculine cards. Whenever I attempt to make one I get stumped.

However, I've decided to venture out of my comfort zone and hone my skills even if it takes a whole day to come up with one note worthy card for a man. Take not: I used the word man and not boy.

As I sat down to conceptualize my design, the one thing that popped in my head that men in general have a great interest on besides women is cars. With that in mind I went ahead and die cut a car image on foam to be used as the focal point for my card.

Yes, it took me longer than usual to put this card together, but it's all worth it because I made it for the very first special man in my life...and that's you, Dad!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sentimentally Romantic

I am lovin' Adele!

I adore her sultry and soulful voice which could melt even the sturdiest of souls. And the manner she writes her songs, mostly about hurts and heartaches, makes them so easy to relate to.

Listening to her croon lovesongs all day long yesterday left me feeling sentimental resulting with this card.

The colors I used are very subdued. The combination of kraft and white reminds me of beach houses in the Hamptons (not that I have one). Very shabby chic!

The flower is made from a corrugated carton I saw lying around the house. It's the first time I've experimented on this material and I know it's not going to be the last. I'm bubbling with excitement with the limitless possibilities.

Notice the sewing I've done along the borders. I'm a newbie sewer; the reason for the crooked stitches. Even though, I am highly satisfied with the results. The not-so-perfect stitches add enough charm to complete the romantic look of the card.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Side By Side

Here are two cards I made yesterday.

Similar and yet different.

Both have the same color elements, texts and images save for the scallop strips in the middle. A very subtle modification and yet the effect is quite profound.

So, which card packs the meanest punch?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

An Easy Sunday

Today is lazy Sunday in our home. 
Everyone is happily contented,
Savoring each moment of togetherness,
Recharging for the week ahead.

Happy Independence Day!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Project Life | Catching Up

If you think about it I am so way behind my Project Life since I only got a hold of it last March. And, with my dad in town for a visit and all the out of town trips we've been making during the summer break I hardly had any time to sit down and sink my teeth into it. However, this does not worry me because I've devised a systematic method on how to organize my photos along with their proper documentation. That's why as of today, June 8, I've completed the months of January and February and have started on the second week of March. What's my secret? Well, it's not by having a photographic memory that's for sure. It's my no-nonsense, but quite dependable 2011 Planner.

I've always kept a journal ever since high school where I write down my thoughts and daily activities. It's because I like to peruse through them once in a while and remember what I did, who I was with and where I was on a specific day.

The difference between this year's journal from the old ones is that there are now corresponding photos for each entries because from the beginning of the year I had Project Life in mind.

Now, like all Project Life users, I had to assemble my kit first before anything else. Once all the photo pockets and journaling inserts have been put into place I was completely psyched to get the ball rolling with this baby.

As you can see in the above photo I used Post-it strips to help me plan the placement of each photos. Once I'm satisfied with the layout I then print the photos I've chosen in my Canon Selphy.

I am really trying my best to catch up on my Project Life. Feel free to share how you're able to keep up with yours. I would really like to hear your ideas.

Have a great day!