Thursday, January 20, 2011

{Baking} Only The Best

Hey folks! Been doing some baking lately as a promise (which I fervently hope I can keep) to my kids. Since they are chocoholics I embarked on finding the perfect, very easy to follow, no messy kitchen recipe that would yield moist & chewy chocolate chip cookies. After searching and trying out several recipes from the Food Network, I finally found one and it surely didn't come from any of their recipes. It's my friend's which she developed on her own. It's a total winner with my kiddos. My proof? I baked 2 dozen cookies on a Friday afternoon. By Sunday morning, the last cookie was devoured and requests for more was all I heard the following week.

Today, I finally baked some more.

And since it's a keeper I had to add it to my "Most Requested Recipes" (MRR) album which contains all the recipes of the favorite dishes/food of my family. I will share it with you another time for it deserves a separate post.

Here are some of the elements in "Maan's Yummy Chocochip Cookies" recipe card..

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