Thursday, February 3, 2011

02.01.11 | A Present for Mom

Mothers always want to care for their children; to hug them and love them. Or simply just to be near them no matter what age they are. However, this was never the case for my mom.

She never had us with her all at one time while growing up most especially now that we're adults and have families of our own. It is also mainly because two of my siblings live in the other side of the world from us. Mom has to take an almost 24 hour plane ride to be with them for a short time until she has to go back home to the Philippines.

So, for her birthday this year my brothers, sister & I along with our respective partners planned a simple surprise for her. Nothing ostentatious, but very much from our hearts.

Here's one of the gift we surprised her with. It's a "Family Love Box".

It is 4 x 4 in box that explodes into a 12 x 12 in scrapbook page with photos of Mom, her children and grandchildren.

It also came with a coordinating card.

Now, Mom can be with her four children and seven grandkids anytime, all the time.

Happy Birthday Ma! We love you!

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  1. hi jay!thanks for evrything and i am thankful to the lord for having you,teen.carlo and you so much.