Wednesday, March 9, 2011

S.O.S. | What Went Down

Hi everyone! Take a look at what went down during Alexis' SleepOver Spa Party.

First, the girls were treated to a home cooked meal for dinner in our formal dining room. My cousin Jek helped me dress up the table. She has a knack for table setting.

The birthday girl.

The balloon towers were from the party of my friend's daughter the night before.

The Menu: My Creamy Chicken Pesto Pasta & Salpicao, Manang Marlyn's Chicken Ala King with my buttered bread cups and Monsee's breadsticks.

For dessert, the girls had French macarons from Bizu and the cupcakes I baked. In lieu of a cake, I used the cupcake tier my sister Teena sent all the way from New Jersey to make a cupcake tower. In keeping with the spa theme, I added a nail polish bottle in between each cupcake to liven it up.

Afterwards the girls headed on to....

where they were greeted with this scene.

More goodies for the girls to bring home.

Hair & Facial Masks Station

Now, here's the best part of the night...

Each girl was treated to a "Pampered Hands and Feet Treatment" by Spaworks Mobilespa owned and operated by another good friend.

The girls were all smiles and felt simply divine the whole evening, but most importantly my sweet Alexis was very very happy.

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