Monday, March 8, 2010

Finally Took The Plunge

For the past couple of weeks I've been contemplating on creating a blog. However, I kept procrastinating, always coming up with lame excuses (so lame I won't even mention them). Then I realized that the truth of the matter is I had a lot of insecurities regarding my creations. Nobody has seen any of my works except my family and very close friends. Crafting is a side of me not everyone knows about.

This all changed last Saturday morning after I checked my email. My very supportive friend Kay of Creations on Paper sent me a very encouraging email entitled "Your Fans Are Waiting For You". She featured some of my works in her blog and two wonderful ladies left heart-warming comments. One even took her time to look for my page in Facebook. And so, this sealed the deal for me!

"Just Post It" to me equates to Nike's tagline "Just Do It".

I look forward to sharing my world with you!


  1. You go, Jaygirl! Finally!! Your first step to your true self as a genuine crafter. When I finally saw all your shares, I said, this girl has it in her. She just does not know how to express it. May she set forth to the wonderful world of sharing, too, because like her, there are thousands of women (and men, too) who share the same passion. "The only way you can inspire yourself is to inspire others" Anonymous....
    Welcome ot the world of Blogging :)

  2. Gosh Kay! You gave me courage and for that I will forever be grateful. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  3. Hi Big Sis,

    Wow, finally a blog to show off your beautiful art works. Who knows...maybe a movie will come out of this also!(i.e. "Julie/ Julia") I am so proud ou you, not only of your creativeness and passion for the arts, but most of all, you have finally realized how much talent you really possess. I am looking forward to seeing more of your creations and masterpieces.

    Love you always,

  4. Teena you are the sunshine in my window! =)