Monday, July 19, 2010

Over The Top

Ok guys! It's been almost a week and I'm pretty sure you've come up with some smart guesses on what my special project is. But wait a minute...I think I'll keep you guys hangin' just a wee bit longer by telling you how I stumbled upon this clever creation.

Around three weeks ago my sorority sister Bing-Bing texted and asked me to put together a souvenir to be given to friends and relatives on her hubby's 50th. She emailed me all the details she wanted incorporated in the design which facilitated in getting my creative juices going. Through the amazing wonders of technology we were able to brainstorm and refine the initial bookmark design I made without having to see each other in person and finally came up with...

stainless steel bookmarks with the image of an Arapaima and Arcus's name in blue on them.

As the bookmarks were on their way to being mass produced in our factory I found myself toying with the idea of incorporating our company's product with my papercrafting. After several trials and errors, look at the result...

I never thought I could pull it off and yet, I did!

By combining soft materials such as felt and paper with cold hard metal the outcome is gentler and more delicate.

Am planning to make these metal bookmarks in brass and copper. So, watch out for them. Kindly email me at if you're interested in getting a hold of some for your personal projects.

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  1. Hi Jay! The bookmarks were such a hit! We have a tiny publishing company so bookmarks were appropriate. Arcus was so happy about all the details that went into the many separate (and surprise!) celebrations marking his 50th birthday. The blue packaging of each bookmark further emphasized the attention to detail of my multi-talented Sis and friend! I plan to send a few bookmarks to his various teams in ASEAN so it was also important that they were acceptable cross-culturally. Many thanks again, Jay. More power!
    Altiora Peto.