Friday, August 27, 2010

Simple Joys

Do you get excited when you receive letters, notes or cards via snail mail from family and friends? I sure do!

I remember while growing up in New Jersey, I would constantly write letters to my mom who was based in Manila. At that time, it was the most economical way for us to catch up on each other's lives. I suppose this was how my love for paper developed since I was always in search for the prettiest stationery or card to send to her. Amazingly she kept each one of them!

Nowadays, however, receiving letters, notes and even invitations from the mailman is uncommon because they are often delivered via electronic mail. Of course there is nothing wrong with this method. It is faster, cheaper and at times more reliable, but as the old adage goes "the feeling is not the same".

So, what are you waiting for? Go make someone happy and send them a letter or a lovely card.

Surely anyone receiving one of these will have a big smile on their face after.

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