Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Gift Of Songs

Hello there! Take a look at what I was asked to make for a very special lady. She's the mom of my youngest son's godmother, Maan, who celebrated her celebrated her 79th birthday last May 31 which was also my hubby's special day.

Maan coordinated with me while she was down-under, where she resides with her hubby, to make something simple, but very meaningful to give to Tita Mely's guests during her dinner party.

So, I compiled all of Tita Mely's favorite songs in a compact disc.

Some might think CD's are obsolete since MP3's are now the current rage; however, it makes a whole lot of difference knowing that these discs were made and given out of love.

This is what each guest took home with them.

And what a coincidence! The colors I used for the CD holders matched the icing of Tita's cookie cake.

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