Monday, June 28, 2010

When A Plan Finally Comes Together

Much like this card I made, not everything we do comes out exactly the way we plan them to be. I wanted to make a card using the SU! Extreme Skateboard stamp set for two special people I know who are totally into skateboarding. However, when I sat down and started working on my ideas nothing seemed to work. Everything felt wrong from the layout to the colors I was using. It was indeed very frustrating! So, what does a girl do in times like these? Take a breather and SURF the net!!!

After a few clicks I found my inspiration from
Rachel Brumley. Although she used a different stamp set, I knew the colors she used will capture the look I was going for in my card.

I really love how this card turned out. One can feel the carefree atittude of the skater as he is about to land on solid ground.

I do hope that the boys getting these will like them as well. Bye for now guys! Hope you have a wonderful week.

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