Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Hannah Montana Scrappin' Party

Hello there everyone! Can you guys believe it's June already? Whew!!! That was fast. Summer vacation ends for most of the children in the Philippines on Monday, June 7, my youngest included. Lights out at 9 starts in our home tonight. I'm sure am gonna hear lots of whinning. Exciting...sigh!

Last week was jam-packed. It was a flurry of activity one right after the other that's why I wasn't able to put up this post right away. I suppose it's a small price to pay for having a grand vacation the week prior.

Today, I proudly share with you the very successful scrapbooking party Paperworks hosted for the 7th birthday celebration of Toni last May 29. She had a Hannah Montana theme going on wherein most of the girls came in dressed like their idol Hannah.

The kids really enjoyed making their scrapbook pages . They were all very imaginative in coming up with their own original layouts complete with a personal dedication to Toni. Some really got into their artistic zone and made extra pages for them to take home.

Take note: the boys got into the groove of things as well.

After collecting all the children's artworks, I chose 4 masterpieces among the pile and declared them winners. Each got a special award for being creative. I just loved seeing their happy and proud faces as they came up to receive their prizes.

At the end of the party I compiled all the scrapbook pages and bound them in a special album made specially for the birthday girl. The look on Toni's face as she browsed through it was priceless!

For more information on making Paperworks be a part of your celebration please contact me at +639209080335 or send an email to jtons1203@yahoo.com.

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