Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fair Weather

Wow! Can you believe it? Mr. Sun is actually beaming down on us today. This is defintiely a welcome respite after a week long of gloomy skies, howling winds and torrential rains brought on by Super-typhoon Juan (international code name: Megi).

Many of our "kababayans" in Northern Luzon like Cagayan, Isabela and Baguio City were greatly affected. Many of their homes were submerged by the flood waters and their livelihood of rice and corn crops destroyed. Sadly, many even perished.

According to the weather forecasters, another typhoon, codenamed "Katring", may enter the Phillipine territory by this afternoon. So, before it arrives, here's a bright and cheerful card to help us enjoy this wonderful weather.

I just love the bright colors on this paper. They remind me of the tropical flavored Skittles which are my son's favorite. Immediately after I saw them I knew that a fun and quirky card is the only way to go.

Did I succeed?

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