Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Start of Something Big

October is almost over and so far I've only two posts for this month. It's not that I have nothing to share. On the contrary my head is filled with pages of stories to tell you, but I just haven't had time to compose my thoughts and type away. So, please bear with me if I ramble today.

I am proud to inform all of you that Paperworks was invited last September 29 to guest in ANC's Shop Talk, a show that features entrepreneurs. It was a very exciting and nerve racking experience to be interviewed on live tv. I posted some behind the scene photos in Paperworks' Facebook page so please check them out. I will also try to post the video once I figure out how.

With the help of my family & friends, blog and Facebook, I've received plenty of orders for my paper creations. Trying to complete the Christmas orders that I've gotten and at the same time stocking up on all sorts of card bundles are what's kept me quiet and busy.

Now, here's one of the things that's kept me pre-occupied, a pack of Christmas cards which I cased from Michelle Wooderson.

Like she said, it's a very easy peasy reliable layout.

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