Friday, October 22, 2010

My Rock

What do you do when you are upset or worried? Do you scream? Do you cry? Or do you just stay under the covers until everything gets better or goes away?

Yesterday when I received the sad news that a very dear friend of mine had a massive stroke and was in critical condition, I cried and cried. But soon after I prayed and prayed because prayers have always been my source of comfort whenever I am troubled. Talking to God and sharing with Him my worries and heartaches brings a kind of calmness in me that nothing else can.

When I woke up this morning my friend's condition still hasn't changed. Yet, I knew that all will be well in God's gracious time. So, instead of wallowing in my sorrow I busied myself.

And by the time I finished this personalized stationery set with its coordinating bag, I received great news that my dearest friend had awoken and now reacts with a shake or nod.

Answered prayers indeed!!!

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